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Welcome into SU HA RI school of Wadoryu Karate-Do Australia web site member of Academy Wadoryu Karate Australia

Sensei Chirizzi 6 th Dan was appointed as the Director of WIKF in Australia (Wado Intenational Karate - Do Federation)in August 2012.

WIKF was established by Suzuki Sensei to maintain the highest technical standards of Wado Ryu Karate

Su Ha Ri is a term the Japanese use to describe the overall progression of Karate training.

The style of Wado ryu karate is fast and fluid, which involves quick and swift body movements.

The students of this form are taught how to keep their mind active and alert and react promptly in any situation in addition with helping them enhance their physical strength and self defense skills.
Apart from the training that is provided, the students are required to put in a lot of effort in order to ensure that they maintain good levels of self control, humility and respect for fellow human beings.

The main basic techniques that form an integral part of this form of Wadoryu karate are blocking, kicking, striking with an openhand,punching, trapping and joint twisting.
Most of the movements involve blocking as well as attacking at the same time.
The practitioners are advised against using unnecessary force, unnecessary techniques as well as unnecessary movements in order to avoid major casualties.
There are a few qualities that are a must for a student of Wado ryu karate to possess if he intends to master this martial art form.
The first and foremost requirement is for the student to have an open mind. He should be open to new techniques and challenges so that he does not limit the scope of his learning and can grasp as much as possible from his teacher.                                
A calm mind is also necessary in order to be able to think and act in every possible situation, so as to make sure that you do not cause any serious injury to the opponent.
The theory of the available techniques should be studied carefully and then put to practice in order to excel at this form of self defense.
A person who knows how to respect himself as well as his opponent and is successful in maintaining a calm mind throughout is bound to succeed in this style.

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